May 2016

Locating The Skip On The Run

From time to time as a private investigator, I am confronted by the task of locating a person who has essentially pulled up and left their prior known location. Although, I do not consider myself a skip tracer, I have the need for this type of investigation more often than I like. I separate this type of case into two differing categories. This first category is a person who’s location is simply unknown to the client. The second category is a person who has truly undertaken the endeavor of trying to hide their location. This situation is someone who’s location is truly unknown due to their intentional act of hiding their location. The first category is typically resolved through a simple database search. This type of investigation, or more accurately termed a search, is not what I consider a true skip trace. I handle this from of situation routinely in the course of most investigations. The second category is very much a different endeavor. Read More…

Dressing For Success and The Car Tire

During the course of my work as a private investigator, I find myself going from place to place. My reason for visiting these different places vary, but one thing remains the same, my need to get people to cooperate with me. Sometimes, I am visiting a business and sometimes I find myself standing in the middle of not so nice neighborhoods. Nevertheless, I always have the need to encourage people to openly speak with me. This can be disastrous, if I am not well prepared for the task. There is always issues of equipment, information I need to commit to memory or my notebook, and the most important factor, my physical appearance. Read More…

Alleged Victim Background Investigation

As criminal defense investigators, we all spend a considerable amount of time peering into the background of alleged victims. Typically, the approach is utilizing public records either in the courthouse or through some paid research database. Without a doubt, this process is needed and a required task in any criminal defense investigation. However, this process is completed as if the investigation is being built upon a factory floor. With more effort and the willingness to overcome some less than desirable conversations with people, we can gain a better understanding of just who the alleged victim really is and their credibility. Read More…